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“It's natural that an intelligent species would be successful enough to hit the limits of its own growth without knowing it was going to do so. It's natural that through our successes we have overindustrialized, overpopulated, polluted and used up our environment. It may be that this whole predicament is a natural phenomenon and that this intelligent species is now getting a signal : evolve or die.”

- Barbara Marx Hubbard

Key personnel for The Center for Human Emergence include :

  • Dr. Don Edward Beck is the founder of the Center for Human Emergence, and the creator of the Human Memome Project and CEO of Spiral Dynamics Integral

  • John L. Peterson, founder and president of the Arlington Institute is one of the world's leading futurists and scenario builders.

  • Ken Wilber is the world's leading synthesizer of human knowledge and founder of the Integral Institute

  • Dr. Ichak Adizes of the Adizes Institute is the leading authority on the nature of life cycles and societal change.

  • Dr. Teddy Larsen (Denmark) is the founder of the Copenhagen Center for Human Emergence (CoCHE).

  • Howard Bloom is an author, scientist and founder of the International Paleopsychology Project.

The Center for Human Emergence will be built around seven specific functions that are designed to systematically collect information, understand what is going on, develop credible options, and communicate those possibilities in sophisticated, effective ways. CHE functions include: research, understand, assess, anticipate, solution development, outreach, and monitoring.

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1. Research will be a fundamental component of the Center for Human Emergence, directed toward isolating emerging ideas that are apropos to large-scale systemic change.

2 & 3. Understanding and Assessment . These CHE Divisions will generate global memetic maps – topographic maps of cultures, and fuse these with global trends. This Vital Signs Monitor will be done through the launching of the Human Memome Project.

4. The Solution Development Division will search for and produce tangible solutions for large, global problems.

5. Anticipation . The Global Surprise Anticipation Center will be at the center of the Anticipation Division. This center will focus on anticipating potential surprises, assessing their effects, and designing response plans. Based upon the similar center developed for the government of Singapore, this powerful capability will be powered by The Arlington Institute's DIANE (Digital Analysis Environment) system.

6. Outreach . This is the communications and education arm of CHE. Specialized groups and products will disseminate warnings, encouragement, support networks, and provide communications and education.

7. Monitoring . In order to maintain contact and continually feed changes back into CHE, we will continue to monitor the global landscape, gathering memetic and trend information through Vital signs Monitors.

“If we are successful, the Center for Human Emergence will play a major role in facilitating a global transition to a new era, because it will be designed to do just that…”

- John Petersen


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