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Het CHE is op zoek naar creatieve, professionele, zelfstandige en flexibele collega’s die affiniteit hebben met de doelstellingen van het CHE. Aanstellingen zijn in eerste instantie op vrijwillige basis met op langere termijn uitzicht op een betaalde functie.

Voor nadere informatie over de rollen hieronder kun je contact opnemen met de Individual Relationship Officer (Auke van Nimwegen).

Role: Organisational Connector
Purpose: Nurturing healthy relationship with CHE’s wider circles
- Developing and implementing a communication strategy
- Creating, maintaining and making use of a relationship management system

Role: Office Manager
Purpose: To support activities of the CHE
- Providing logistical and administrative support for CHE activities
- Executing the communication strategy (developed by the Organisational Connector role)
- Delivering a regular newsletter
- Maintaining website content
- Linking enquirers to appropriate people and information

Role: Integral Healthcare Constellation Lead
Purpose: Building and nurturing relationship between CHE and the domain theory and practice
- Physically, virtually and energetically hosting the constellation in alignment with our Purpose, Principles and Mission
- Identifying, connecting to, and inviting domain practitioners
- Facilitating the sharing, development, and the making available of expertise and best practices in the domain
- Initiating projects on the domain in cooperation with CHE Synnervate and/or CHE School of Synnervation
- Representing the CHE on this domain in public

Role: Constellations Lead
Purpose: Holding space for the constellations to make the most of their collective activity
- Keeping track of the status and development of the different constellations
- Identifying and acting on potentially beneficial connections between constellations
- Supporting the constellations to fulfil their accountabilities

Role: Legal Lead
Purpose: Ensuring that the CHE is conscious of and compliant with its legal obligations
- Providing appropriate legal information when needed, pro-actively and on request