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“For the real intent of my writing is not to say, You must think in this way. The real intent is: here are some of the many important facets of this extraordinary Kosmos; have you thought about including them in your own worldview? My work is an attempt to make room in the Kosmos for all of the dimensions, levels, domains, waves, memes, modes, individuals, cultures, and so on ad infinitum. I have on major rule: everybody is right. More specifically, everybody—including me—has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace... My critical writings have never attacked the central beliefs of any discipline, only the claims that the particular discipline has the only truth—and on those grounds I have often been harsh. But every approach, I honestly believe, is essentially true but partial, true but partial, true but partial. And on my own tombstone, I dearly hope that someday they will write: He was true but partial.” - Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is the author of over a dozen books, including Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; The Spectrum of Consciousness; Up from Eden; and Grace and Grit. The Spectrum of Consciousness, written when he was twenty-three years old, established him as perhaps the most comprehensive philosophical thinker of our times. Credited with developing a unified field theory of consciousness—a synthesis and interpretation of the world's great psychological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions—Ken Wilber is the most cogent and penetrating voice in the recent emergence of a uniquely American wisdom

Ken Wilber is an evolutionary philosopher, leading edge psychologist, Buddhist practitioner, leader, teacher, synthesizer of world knowledge, Kosmic storyteller, outspoken critic of much of the progressive status quo, and advocate of modern, universal and integral spirituality. With books translated into up to 30 languages, Wilber’s radical call for human transformation has a truly global reach.

In 2000, Wilber founded the Integral Institute (I-I). The institute functions as the “world’s premier site for integral research and applications; as a generator of consulting services, seminars, and conferences; as a network of the most influential integral theorists from around the world; and as an open organization for disseminating and applying integral methods to complex problems in a wide variety of fields, personal to professional” ( The operating model at Integral Institute is the AQAL map, a multi-dimensional, evolutionary matrix incorporating the human inquiry fields: physics, biology, psychology, culture, and spirituality. The acronym “AQAL” embodies the Institute’s primary belief that ultimate human knowledge accounts for the truth quality present in all forms of inquiry, bringing them together not as a random heap, but as a living, conscious whole.

We learn from Ken Wilber the reasons it is important to cultivate an Integrally-informed life practice, to live consciously in our interior and conscientiously through our exterior. Then our relationship to the Universe blooms fully: our body as expressions of nature, our mind enfolded in culture, our true self none other than divine spirit. Shunning reckless and selfish egalitarianism, it is authentic compassion that forms the moral context of Wilber’s work. It is a mature ethic that honors the value of each and every sentient being while cultivating the discriminating wisdom that arises out of regular contemplative practice. Ultimately, the message of Ken Wilber’s work is one of liberation, of radical remembrance, that we each might come to find what Zen describes as our Original Face, our Identity that is truer than any writer’s words. We find that, through Ken’s thought, we exist beyond thought - prior to time and oblivious to life and death, we just simply are.


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