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The Human Memome Project develops a way to map the memetic codes (stages or levels of consciousness) of the major peoples, drivers, institutions, movements, and organizations of the world.

The Human Memome Project will thus create a synthesis of all of the various viewpoints on cultural transformation, societal change, the nature of conflict, forms of conflict prevention, and development, in order to generate sophisticated electronic maps designed to monitor, at the deepest level, waves of chaos and order, change and stability, and progress and regression within our collective selves. These maps will help us identify problem nodes throughout the world and allow us to predict major issues before they occur. In order to construct this global memetic, the project will:

  1. Insert the memetic indicators identified during the research phase into specific locations.

  2. Isolate the size and shape of memetic variables and points of convergence with other memes.

  3. Visually represent these memetic spaces using topographical maps.

  4. Integrate this with other data and indicators for assessment.

The Vital Signs Monitor will present its output on large scale maps of the global memetic topography, detailing where specific opportunities for change will exist as well as what these changes will mean for the world at large within our interconnected system. These memetic topographies, however, are not just static representations of the way things are now; they will provide the road maps for possible paths to the future.


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