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“We see that any single event …now has global repercussions. And this calls for a completely different comportment than anything before. You can’t do just one thing. You can’t act in just one place. Whatever you do in one place, at one time, will have repercussions to all other times and all other places.”

- Ervin Laszlo

Palestinian Flag

Israel-Palestine: The Heart of Global Emergence

As our planet undergoes rapid transformation politicians, geo-political strategists and think tank wizards are growing increasingly frustrated. Their problem is this: the old ways of thinking that served them well in the past are incapable of addressing the complex challenges of today's world. As a result the best laid out plans backfire and contingencies compound errors beyond sustainable thresholds. This phenomenon is flagged by nightly news anchors reporting on the down-spiraling Middle East.

The Middle East stands at the focal point of world affairs and the long ranging animosity between Israel and Palestine sits at the center of the storm. Interested parties from all sides understand that until this conflict is resolved regional turbulence and global tensions are likely to increase. As a result, extreme efforts are being made to find a magic formula that can lead to peace.

The Center for Human Emergence, under the guidance of Dr. Don Beck considers that push for peace part of the old thinking patterns that are aggravating the status quo. A premature quest for peace is a futile pursuit at best and possibly a dangerously destabilizing adventure. Dr. Beck bases this notion on empirical data that was accumulated over four decades and his experience helping leaders in South Africa map an effective course in its transition from apartheid.

Before there can be peace in the Middle East there must be regional transformation. Real peace between Israel and Palestine will arise naturally only when life conditions on both sides are right. Currently they are not. Profound social changes must occur before that moment arrives.

Dr. Beck is coordinating an effort between CHE teams working in Israel, Palestine, America and Europe to develop projects that promote large scale whole system change at the level of nation states. This vision requires audacious thinking and bold action. Nations are mutable entities and as key decision makers and stakeholders from various sectors of society band together they can create synergies that privilege success.

When businessmen, politicians, civil servants, educators, academics, police, healthcare officials and NGOs cooperate under the banner of a superordinate goal they can engineer profound social change. And as life conditions improve people's values change, new perspectives arise and social transformation occurs. This is human emergence.

Israeli emergence and Palestinian emergence are distinct processes. The worldviews in both societies are as different as their life conditions. Under Dr. Beck's leadership the Center for Human Emergence with its Middle East node is seeding innovative projects in Palestine and Israel designed to transform life conditions in both societies to the level where mutually beneficial peace between them can develop organically.

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