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The Arlington Institute (TAI) has developed DIANE (Digital Analysis Environment), an information collection and analysis system, that enables sophisticated information acquisition, event monitoring, knowledge extraction, and communication of the knowledge through a secured, rich interactive web environment. This system facilitates the Institute’s overall mission of understanding potential global futures and trying to influence large-scale, rapid, positive change.

DIANE is both a synergistic collection of tools that empower the analytical process in extraordinary new ways, and an engine for exposing knowledge that is locked in large amounts of highly dynamic information. DIANE’s unique combination of individual components is orchestrated through its Integration Engine. This engine allows the deep, seamless interaction of human sense-making processes with powerful computer analytical capabilities to identify new patterns and relationships in unstructured information. Together, the collection of tools and engine, help analysts FIND information, PICTURE the relationships, REALIZE the situation, FORESEE the outcomes, and MODEL the possibilities.

This innovative information and knowledge planning system enables organizations enterprise-wide to anticipate futures rather then respond to events. The unique properties of DIANE provide breakthrough capabilities, including the following:

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  • Search, monitor, and linguistically process large amounts of structured and unstructured information.

  • Provide enterprise-wide knowledge discovery through sophisticated analytical processes and system and user interaction management.

  • Provide a diverse array of advanced information visualization aids.

  • Assess the significance of events extracted from data sets as they are captured at the earliest point of “consumability.”

  • Transform analytical processes throughout the enterprise from reactive analysis to anticipatory analysis, therefore reducing surprises.

  • Facilitate organization-wide analytical collaboration via advanced process-driven, secure, decision management.

  • Seamlessly output intelligence product through Microsoft Office, i2’s Analyst Notebook and other commonly used analytical and presentation tools.

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