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Teddy Hebo Larsen: Co-founder CoCHE

Teddy Hebo Larsen graduated from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in 1985 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, D.V.M. He joined Eli Lilly & Company in that same year as a Research and Development Manager for the Nordic Area. Since 1987 he has held numerous other positions within Public Affairs, Sales & Marketing as well as General Management. He was named Managing Director for Eli Lilly & Company in Denmark in 1993.

From 1995 to 1997 he held a regional position as Director for Disease Management, being responsible for Eli Lilly’s activities within the field of Disease Management for a major part of Europe. In addition, he was also responsible for implementing a major productivity process in Europe, Middle East and Africa. During these two years he gained significant insight and understanding of how different cultures work.

He has been on the Board of the Danish Pharmaceutical Association from 1998 to 2003, where he has served as both the Vice Chairman, and then as Chairman of the Board for almost 2 years.

Teddy Hebo Larsen has worked professionally with stress and stress management for nearly a decade and has given frequent lectures and seminars on the subject. In addition, he has written numerous articles for magazines and newspapers on the subject of stress and human alienation in a time of increasing fragmentation. He has been a speaker at many conferences about general management and stress.

He is actively engaged – and has been for many years – in the study of the dynamics of chaos and complexity theories, systems thinking and the philosophy of Ken Wilber. He has used this insight in the daily management of his company and has published articles on the subject of Value Based Leadership.

He has worked with Spiral Dynamics Integral for the last 6 years and he was certified in SDi in 1999. He organizes seminars on SD, and is now applying the general principles of Spiral Dynamics Integral in his management philosophies.

Teddy Hebo Larsen lives in a suburb in Copenhagen.

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