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Copenhagen Center (CoCHE) – Vision

The Copenhagen Center for Human Emergence

The Copenhagen Center for Human Emergence (CoCHE) was launched on May 12, 2004. Dr. Don Beck, creator of the Human Memome project and Spiral Dynamics Integral, joined with Teddy Larsen, a business leader in Denmark and Europe, in forming the Center. Denmark was selected as our assessment instruments detected high levels of conceptual processing in a culture of elegant design and natural flows, as well as an engaging energy and optimism in the youth, a respect for the importance of tradition and cultural emergence, along with a determination to play a larger role in Scandinavia, Europe, and the planet as a whole.

CoCHE will focus on the entire process of "human emergence", utilizing the evolutionary template based on the seminal work of Clare W. Graves, the Spiral Dynamics popularization, as well as the expansive Integral perspective. While this is not simply yet another international organization dedicated to either peace or conflict reduction, its efforts over the next decade will confront the dynamic factors that generate levels of violence, terrorism, and threats to sustainability across many different domains.

We intend to generate high-technology global maps that will:

1) Display the Memetic contours of various human groupings;

2) Identify and enhance all other such global efforts by locating their "codes" along the emerging spiral

3) Construct the scaffoldings of solutions to major social, political, economic, spiritual-religious, educational, and environmental problems and impasses.

Policy driven programs...

Many of the insights and recommendations that we developed during the decades of work within the South African microcosm will be made available for the first time within this global context. (The Crucible: Forging South Africa's Future by Dr. Don Beck and Graham Linscott, will soon be available in a reprinted version along with updates and observations by the authors.)

No other university center, domestic or international think tank or NGO, nor even the United Nations and much less foreign affairs operations, contains these essential complex intelligences and policy-driven programs.

Integrate, Align, Synergize...

The Center will play a leading role within the Wilber Integral movement as I-G - Integral Global. The conceptual and practical capabilities that are being developed within CoCHE and applied at macro levels (cultures, communities, cities, countries, regions, provinces, companies, etc.) are unique and comprehensive.

MeshWORKS illustrates how to integrate, align, and synergize the various branches and functions within the Integral multiverse, from the Integral University to various other entities and activities.

We already have programs in the field that model how to bring together and "integrate" families, schools, religious institutions, business interests, political entities, nongovernmental organizations, law enforcement, health care, sports and community leadership, and others, to actually get things accomplished at global as well as local levels. We intend to develop a cadre of professionals with these unique skills, vision, and developmental-upliftment-emergence packages and programs.

To read an introduction by Teddy Hebo Larsen in Danish, click here.


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