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The Center for Human Emergence will focus its attention on facilitating a conscious cultural evolution at all levels, using a multifaceted approach to work to pinpoint exact problematic areas and bring those areas to light through the media, education, and policy recommendations.

We do not believe that it will be possible to accomplish the most effective and constructive large-scale change without the active involvement of a large number of individuals and organizations around the world. CHE will thus work with as many other like-minded organizations as possible, drawing specialist knowledge and ensuring the vital cross-fertilization function, in order to facilitate the common goal of affecting global change.

Moving from current state to a new reality

In systems dynamics terms, the change process is envisaged as starting with the current state and then beginning to identify possible futures that might evolve from the present. A desired future or futures can be extracted from the pool of possible futures.

In order to reach the desired future a strategy will be designed, including an understanding of what kinds of transition options are available to us when building our strategy. The transition options are a function of new tools and new ideas. The implementation of the strategy in the current state then produces a new reality.

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There are a series of activities that must be executed as one moves from node to node within this system. In order to identify possible futures there must be anticipation. Vision must come into play to select the desired future. We must understand structure and behavior of human systems and then innovate in order to produce transition options. And, of course, the strategy must be implemented in order for a new reality to emerge.

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